ESRM 499 - Capstone

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Hours: Three hours of lecture/discussion per week Prerequisite: Upper division required courses in ESRM major (may be completed concurrently) Description: This course consists of an interdisciplinary evaluation of the physical, biological, social, economic, and legal dimensions of environmental decision-making. The instructor will select from Southern California ecosystems - and decisions with associated environmental impacts - for evaluation and analysis. Topics include decisions to reduce, control, or treat surface water run-off, establishing or changing the management of marine protected areas, dredging in harbors, and permits for coastal development. Students will provide results to appropriate national, state, or local agencies for consideration and deliberation in administrative decisions.

Units: 3.00
Grading: Letter Grade

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01 1023 SEM M  3:00 PM  -  5:50 PM  Sierra Hall 2324 Sean Anderson | Clare Steele Course Closed Class Details
02 1024 SEM M  6:00 PM  -  8:50 PM  Sierra Hall 2324 Sean Anderson | Clare Steele Course Open Class Details

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