HIST 436 - Psy & Hist of East Asian

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Hours: Three hours lecture per week Prerequisites: Upper division standing or consent of the instructor Examines the psychological and historical roots of warrior cultures in East Asia. Characteristics such as duty, enlightenment, honor, loyalty, and discipline will be examined in the context of the individual and group psychology of warrior cultures throughout history. Psychological and historical conceptions of violence, aggression, and strategy will also be explored. Students will be encouraged to relate values derived from Asian warrior cultures to their own lives, while reflecting on the applicability of these ideas to modern life.

Units: 3.00
Grading: Letter Grade

Info current as 11/20/2017
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01 3672 LEC W  9:00 AM  -  11:50 AM  DEL NORTE 1500 Rainer Buschmann | Kevin Volkan Course Open Class Details General Education Class

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