ECS 461 - Infant/Toddler Student Teach &

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Hours: Fifteen hours field studies per week and one hour seminar per week Prerequisite: ECS 320, ECS 325, SPED 345 Corequisite: ECS 460 Description: Student teaching in center-based settings for infants and toddlers. Students practice assessment and instructional strategies. Seminar is held in conjunction with the student teaching experience to serve as a forum for integrating research, theory, and recommended practices. Two full school days of student teaching per week. Fingerprint clearance is required.

Units: 4.00
Grading: Letter Grade

Info current as 11/20/2017
Section Class # Type Days Time Location Instructor Course Details [Key]
01 2109 SEM M  7:30 PM  -  8:20 PM  DEL NORTE 2545 Barbara Patten Course Open Class Details No Cost Course Materials
02 2110 SEM ARR Online Lauren Fascenda Course Open Class Details Online Class No Cost Course Materials

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