NRS 401 - Adv Clinical Assessment Lab

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Hours: Three hours lab per week Prerequisite: Admission to the Nursing program. Corequisite: Track I: NRS 420, NRS 421; Track II: None Description: This course provides an overview of advanced practice in clinical assessment including history taking, physical examination and documentation of findings, interpretation of physical and diagnostic testing, psychosocial assessment techniques, and health status assessment. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of more complex patient-centered care, safety, evidence-based practice, informatics, systems-based practice, teamwork and collaboration, communication, and patient education in a simulated environment. This includes the integration of nursing care implications in monitoring and managing the care of complex medical-surgical health issues with advanced technical interventions.

Units: 1.00
Grading: Letter Grade

Info current as 11/21/2017
Section Class # Type Days Time Location Instructor Course Details [Key]
1L 3041 LAB F  9:00 AM  -  11:50 AM  Manzanita 1230 Jaime Hannans Course Closed Class Details Extended University Class No Cost Course Materials

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